Owning a Cask
Enjoy the unique experience of owning
your own whisky cask

Through us, you’re able to buy high quality single casks as we’re buying larger quantities, thus keeping the costs down. The most common type of whisky casks are Bourbon and Sherry. Furthermore, we’re seeing a trend of upcoming whisky variations containing red wine, port wine or madeira. 

We’re always looking for the next grand slam in the business. Through our carefully cultivated contacts, you can purchase exciting casks from a variety of whisky distilleries and international realtors, both famous and upcoming ones. The most common sizes of casks are:

- Barrel, approx. 170-220 litres
- Hogheads, approx 220-250 litres
- Butts, approx. 470-550 litres 

If you’re looking for a smaller quantity, we’re happy to show you our selection of smaller casks such as Octaves and Blood Tubs, holding 30-55 litres and 40 litres respectively.  

Owning your own casks is every whisky lover's dream. You’re able to explore the ripe taste and colours in various stages and decide on your own when to sampel, re-rack or bottle your cask. If you decide to sell a cask, we will of course help you with that too. Add additional exclusivity by designing your own labels and tasting it on site in Scotland. You can purchase casks from as little as 1.700 GBP here at Cask Viking.

 Since January 2021, it’s significantly more complex to own casks in Scotland. Cask Viking guides you through the process and helps with everything from billing to establishing contracts. 

Let us help you realise the dream of owning your own cask!

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